Teplocom participated in a dialogue with Kirgizia

Teplocom participated in a dialogue with Kirgizia

General manager of Teplocom Holding took part in the third international conference between Russia and Kirgizia Russian-Kirgizian Dialogue 2013, that took place on 22nd of October in Novosibirsk.

The yearly Russian-Kirgizian conference is an efficient tool for cooperation development between two countries. There were more than 400 people participating in the event this year. Among them were representatives from governmental bodies, business, scientific and expert communities, NGOs and mass media of Russia and Kirgizia.

Several mutual projects on infrastructure development and investment plans within the industries of hydropower, oil and gas and transport were discussed during the conference. We are not satisfied with the current situation, as the potential sales volume between our economies is much higher than it is now, says the regional governor of Novosibirsk Oblast Vasiliy Yurchenko, There is plenty of space for cooperation energy equipment supply for hydropower industry, capacity increase, modernization, agricultural machinery development.

For concluding results of the event, a consolidated position of two countries regarding a mutual understanding about the priorities of economic cooperation between the regions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kirgizia has been officially documented.